About - TourXel
We come from a decades-long background in the travel industry and have faced the common problem that established tour agencies have:
- Handling growth
- Continuous business development
- Scalable touristic operations
- Staff recruitment

Initially built as a one-window management tool, Tourxel made possible cross-department connections on the software level, keeping the workflow logic, but structuring the process smoother and faster. Tourxel was born and matured by solving thousands of day-to-day problems, which is why it has been quickly adopted by the American market.

We speak the same language as the tour operators and our highly-skilled technical team is able to quickly adapt to the needs of customers and create a comfortable ecosystem where any tour agency employee, irregardless of the hierarchy level, can comfortably operate and create value.
The software provides opportunity to generate reports and visualizations, identify profit margins on different products, cut expenses and automatically create tax reports.

On the board level, the shareholders are able to evaluate the success of the company, clearly define the weak and strong sides and possible development directions.
This adoption requires a certain level of discipline as it breaks nearly every setting in the old-fashioned working style, introducing the avantgarde run-and-drive system, where business logic is already built-in.

We take care of the operational boring “office” work, providing opportunity to focus on the creative and exciting part of tourism, setting the basis for sustainable development.